What is a Cloud Server?

This article will go into what a Cloud server really is, and how to use it.

On Owehost, there is two types of Cloud Servers:

  • Per Hour Billing (pay for what you use)

  • Monthly Billing (full payments each month)

Both have their pros and cons.

Per hour billing is where you only pay for the resources you use. If your server is only online for 12 hours per day, you will only get charged for 12 hours of your resources.

Monthly billing is weather your server is online, or offline, you will pay the full price for your server, once per month.

You can indicate a per hour billing server from a monthly billing server by this icon next to the Public IPv4 Address on your server:

You can delete a per hour billing server at anytime, but you can not delete a monthly billing server.

To cancel your monthly billing server, you need to cancel it from the Billing Portal. But to cancel your Hourly server, you just need to delete it from the Cloud Dashboard.

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