Owehost upstream providers

This article will tell you where Owehost gets its servers from.

First and foremost, it's important to understand that Owehost does not directly oversee the full operation of our servers. Rather, we buy server resources in bulk, allowing us to offer our customers discounted rates. Nevertheless, Owehost does take responsibility for maintaining the software on all our servers and overseeing the functionality of our cloud dashboard.

Here's a brief overview of our upstream providers:

OVHCloud - For our Canadian High Power machines, we rely on OVHCloud, where we currently operate three OVH servers.

Hetzner - In the case of our Finnish and German High & Low power machines, we partner with Hetzner, managing a total of 14 Hetzner servers.

If you have a provider you would like to see us partner with, open a ticket

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