How to use the Cloud Dashboard

It is necessary to understand how to use your Cloud server and navigate the Dashboard.

When you login to the Cloud Dashboard, you should see something like below:

You can manage your server by clicking "Manage." you will see an overview of your server and its information like below:

In the Overview tab, you can start (Boot) your server when its offline, shutdown (soft turn off), restart, power off (force shutdown), or rebuild (flash a new OS).

Next is the Media tab, where you can add a CD/DVD, which is currently unavailable.

Moving on, there is the Options tab, which allows you to execute power actions, enable or disable VNC, reset the root account password, and view recent tasks.

Then there is the Network tab, where you can view network statistics, information about IPs and your network port, IPv4 Addresses, and change your DNS Resolvers.

Next is the Storage tab, which allows you to view your storage drive(s).

And, lastly is the Sharing tab, where you can share your server with other Owehost Cloud users, and allow them to only do certain actions or access certain pages.

If you would like to find out more about the Cloud Dashboard, experiment for yourself! Find features that were not listed here, and utilize them!

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